The Larkfield Amateur Radio Club is New York State Not-For-Profit 501c3 broad based ARRL club located in western Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. We support a host of amateur radio activities including multiple amateur radio repeaters, ARES/RACES, public service, weekly nets, monthly meetings and much more. 


LARC 2017 Meeting Dates

Unless shown otherwise, club meetings are the second Thursday of each month.
November 9
December 14

LARC Repeater System

WR2ABA Huntington

147.210 MHz, 136.5 PL

W2LRC Hauppauge

145.430 MHz, 136.5 PL

W2LRC Huntington APRS

144.390 MHz out/in

WA2PNU EastNet FlexNet Network

(0-15) Nodes, 145.070 MHz

(-4) Node, 145.070 MHz BBs


Huntington – Monday Nights, 7:00 PM, 1900 local on 147.210 MHz, 136.5 PL 

Smithtown – Monday Nights, 7:30 PM, 1930 local on 145.43 MHz, 136.5 PL

LARC 2017 VE Sessions

LARC VE Examiners hold VE sessions on the second Saturday of every even month.


 LARC Member Roster

Can be downloaded from the LARC Yahoo Group files section


LARC QSX Newsletter

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October 2017 QSX

November 2017 QSX

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Join The LARC Yahoo Group and Facebook Page!

LARC has it's own Yahoo Group. In order to join the group, you must have a Yahoo Profile. Club members with a Yahoo profile can join the LARC Yahoo Group by sending an email to:

If you do not have a Yahoo profile, go to, create a profile, and then click the link above to request to join the LARC group.

To join the LARC Facebook page, go to and search for "Larkfield Amateur Radio Club", and "like" the page.

To join the LARC Facebook page, go to facebook.comand search for "Larkfield Amateur Radio Club", and "like" the page.

This Commercial from Africa May Be The Best Promotion for Amateur Radio That Was Ever Made.

Watch on YouTube.

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These Hams Did SOTA Before There Ever Was SOTA

Go here to check out Wes Hayward, W7ZOI's web page


John Meade, W2XS Entertains with the Exciting World of QRP Operating!


John, W2XS gave a great presentation of the world of QRP. He brought a table chock full of qrp equipment, along with a bag of his fav antennas. There was good discussion on all sides. Peter, AA2VG, brought along his latest Mountain Topper rig, while Steve N2PQJ quietly worked JT65 contacts qrp style right in the meeting room. QRP boomed for the night. A big shout out of thanks to John for his time with the club.


LARC News From Our Members

Peter - AA2VG reports that he is having a lot of fun with his new Icom 7300. He also reports the XYL got a new stove and oven. Not only is he going to be doing a lot of CW, he'll be well fed in the process.

Scott - AC2FV reports that he's installed an SCS DR-7400 Dragon P4 modem in his station. He's using the modem for faster transmissions with Winlink® email comms.

Bruno - KC2ESI reports that he's spotted some intermod at the site. He has tweeked the system to reduce or eliminate the issue.

Jack - K2JX reports that he has finely tuned the club packet system. Give the packet station a workout, guys!

New ham and club members John - KD2LKN and Chris - KD2LKA made their official ham debuts at the Cow Harbor race. Great job, guys!


John, W2XS, works the bands with his qrp rig.


Pictured at top, Steve Galchutt, WG0AT, works the bands on Mt. Herman, CO.


June 8 LARC Meeting is All About Field Day! Field Day is June 24-25, 2017.


This is it! Last chance for ideas, suggestions and details for Field Day. There's always a lot of last minute items to be worked out. This year's menu will include the usual SSB/CW/GOTA stations, plus the use of an NVIS antenna. Details are being worked on to try and contact each ARES Division on the island via HF. Join the fun, and make sure you attend the June 11 meeting.