LARC June Meeting Zooms Again

The LARC June club meeting once again took place on the Zoom® platform due to Covid-19 restrictions. Technical difficulties were initially overcome and the meeting “zoomed” forward. Under the direction of LARC President Peter – AA2VG, LARC business was reviewed on discussed. The cast of characters included 20+ members, and at times the banter was better than a high-priced comedy club. A good time was had by all.


Steve Hines – N2PQJ delivered a fantastic presentation on AM Shortwave listening. In his usual detailed fashion Steve gave a thorough tutorial on the wheres and hows to score good AM DX and local stations. He also uploaded reference material to the LARC site. Be sure to go to IO and download his notes.


Thanks Steve!



Field Day 2020 - A Time to Adapt

Many individuals and groups organizing events for Field Day 2020 have been contacting ARRL for guidance on how to adapt their planned activities in this unprecedented time of social distancing and uncertainty. 


“Due to the unique situation presented this year, this can be an opportunity for you, your club, and/or group to try something new,” ARRL Contest Manager Paul Bourque, N1SFE, said. “Field Day isn’t about doing things the same way year after year. Use this year to develop and employ a new approach that is in line with the current circumstances.”

Social distancing and state and local requirements very likely will impact just how — and even whether — you are able to participate in Field Day this year.


ARRL continues monitoring the coronavirus situation, paying close attention to information and guidance offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If social distancing means that Class A with a 30-member team set up in a city park won’t work this year, then it’s time for a Plan B. Part of the Field Day concept has always been adapting your operation to the situation at hand. At its heart, Field Day is an emergency communication demonstration. Field Day rules are flexible enough to allow individuals and groups to adjust their participation and strategies in a way that still addresses their needs while being fun.


For LARC, 2020 Field Day will be up to the individual operator as to where and how he or she operates. If you decide to set up a station, post the details on the LARC Groups.IO website.


For the full article on Field Day from the ARRL, go here:

FT8 Made Easy with N2PQJ

Follow along as Steve, N2PQJ, makes working FT8 easy!

Paying Your Club Dues by Check???

Don't forget to put your call sign and "2020 LARC Dues" on the check. Otherwise it makes it difficult for the bookkeeping crew... Of course, the better, easier way is to use PayPal!

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LARC 2020 Meeting Dates

Unless shown otherwise, club meetings are the second Thursday of each month.

  • May 14
  • June 11
  • July 9
  • August 13
  • September 10
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  • November 12
  • December 10


Monday nights - 7:00 PM / 1900 local on 147.210 MHz, 136.5 PL


Monday Nights - 7:30 PM / 1930 local on 145.430 MHz, 136.5 PL

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