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Holiday Party --- 2009

Larkfield ARC General InfoThe 2009 Holiday Party was a great success. Food was plentiful and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Fortunately, there were plenty of tables available; the food and drink completely filled three sizable tables.

These pictures were taken by Gary K2TVN with his brand new camera. Thanks, Gary.

Clockwise from the left: Neil KC2TAF, Fred K2LDC, Al N2ZUU, Danny KC2TFS, Richard KA2LHK

From left to right: Paul WA2NFF, Bruno KC2ESI, Joe KC2NKK, Al W2IOT, Pat WS2A

Clockwise from the front: Matt N2RBP, Arnold N2PLS and his wife, Helene, Junior N2JBM and his wife Barbara, Ed K2OHK

Clockwise from the left: Howard KC2OJO, Chuck N2JIY, Donald W2JNC, Roger W2GLE, Larry N2BKJ

Tom N2XTE and Gary K2TVN. What are they seeing???

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