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Sunday, December 21 2014 @ 04:05 PM GMT+4

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Mesh Networks

Experiments / ProjectsWould you like to enter the world of broadband high-speed data communications?

If so you can learn more about Broadband-Hamnet networking by clicking here

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Review of the Duracell HD600 Powerpack

Experiments / ProjectsAfter a firm 48 hour charge as per the directions for first use, I hooked up my new Duracell HD600 Powerpack to my IC706MKII and gave it a test run. I spent the early afternoon sending CQ on 20 meters ssb voice using 100 watts threw my Buddypole. Band conditions were terrible which was good for the longevity test of the powerpack ( more transmitting and less receiving). Bottom line, I was worried about wearing the powerpack out with my long winded CQ's. Instead,...
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TM-D700A with APRS Smart Beacon

Experiments / ProjectsBased on the May 2008 QST article by Milton Davis, AI6MD, I built a schematic that combines the great features of the Kenwood TM-D700A with The Smart beacon format of the Byonics, Tniytrak III(+). Check it out here in PDF Format.
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Solar & Battery back up for the home

Experiments / ProjectsGOALS:
1. To be able to run my heating system and some lights for a minimum of 5 days or longer during a prolonged power outage.
2. The above assumes that Keyspan is still providing natural gas. As a backup, a generator is supplied that will be tri fuel (natural gas, propane & regular gas). The generator will provide topping off of batteries so nighttime operation will remain quite. If Keyspan is providing gas then during the day the generator can provide additional power. If Keyspan is not providing gas, then the generator will be powered by two large propane tanks and the house will be heated with high efficiency (so they say) electric heaters.
3. To “be green” and save some money (after the 6-7 year calculated pay back). With the price of oil going up as fast as it is- it might be sooner rather than later.
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Backup power for the shack

Experiments / ProjectsGoals:
1. Provide 12 Volt battery backup for the shack.
2. Automatic switchover when power is lost.
3. Unit must be portable.
4. Must automatically charge batteries.

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APRS now more affordable!

Experiments / ProjectsAPRS is a great addition to the hobby. It is also a very good tool for positioning in a communications activity like a marathon or for emergency communications.

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